Romain Menke

Fixes things, mostly with code

I am mostly interested in finding sources of friction and eliminating those.

Fascinated by things that are slow, broken or unpredictable.
This spans technical area's but also includes things like processes and workflows.

Notable stuff

Redefined how polyfills are tested for
Originally polyfills were tested only in isolation, which led to various bugs when polyfills interacted.
I also fixed most of the bugs that were surfaced by these new tests.

Contributed various polyfills to and still help to maintain it.


I maintain core-web, which is the same set of polyfills from, but injected through babel.

Browser Compat

Regular contributor to MDN Browser Compat Data.
I also created web-tests as a way to quickly gather historical support data for various web features.

I am critical of MDN/Google Baseline and will keep advocating for something better and less biased.
As a counter example I maintain (mdn-support-context) to illustrate that something better is technically possible.


CSS Color

Created implementations for css-color-4 and css-color-5.

Media Queries

Advocated for media queries as a broad focus area for interop 2023.
I added various tests to WPT to illustrate the various interop issues and gaps in implementations.
This was accepted and all browsers now have greatly improved support for media queries.

Improved support for modern media query features in various developer tools.

CSS Tokenizer and Parsers

Created a correct CSS tokenizer and various parsers.

These tools drive much of the new PostCSS plugins and are also used in projects like Stylelint.

PostCSS Preset Env

I took over maintenance for PostCSS Preset Env (together with Antonio Laguna).


Contributed various core rules to Stylelint and improved general performance by ±30%.


Contributed various features to the built-in CSS language support.

Mr. Henry

Lead developer for most of the software projects at Mr. Henry.
As a generalist I am involved in almost every aspect of the work we do.

Past stuff

Studied photography and worked for several years taking portraits and creating advertisements.